Five O’Clock Shadow


Five O’Clock Shadow, a short narrative by Sangeeta Agrawal will be shown as part of the 4:30 PM shorts program entitled Women’s Work Shorts and will screen at the Washington Ethical Society on October 27.

Five O’Clock Shadow, is the story of an Indian-American mother who is the victim of racial abuse. Her worst fear rises to the surface and for the first time ever, she asks the question: Do we really belong here?

Directed with great deftness by first-time director Sangeeta Agrawal, this short narrative is superbly well acted and paced, and delivers a great ending twist.

From Director Sangeeta Agrawal:

My first film, Five O’Clock Shadow, comes from a very personal place as an Indian-American mother. The story came to me the morning after the Kansas shooting of two South Asian men. It shocked the community and made headlines all over the world. As a mother of a young man who has a beard, my first thought went to him and his safety. Never in the thirty years of my life in the U.S. did I feel threatened in this way. I simply had to say something about it. And so the story was born.”

Tickets available September 1, 2018

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