The Immigrant, by Sanja Zdjelar, is the closing film on Saturday, October 27 and will be screening at the Washington Ethical Society at 7:30PM.

Jasmina, a recently-arrived immigrant from Bosnia Herzegovina, works several low-paying jobs. At an event she caters she meets Hunter, an equally lonely, but aimless young man from a wealthy and privileged Boston family – an encounter that changes both lives in unexpected ways. Strongly drawn to him, she attempts to navigate their vast economic, social and cultural differences all the while struggling to make a dignified life for herself in an alien, capitalist society.

From Director Sanja Zdjelar:

“My film chronicles the life of a recent Bosnian Muslim immigrant to Boston, as she attempts to navigate confusing social, economic and cultural differences. It’s the story of a young immigrant girl’s struggle and new beginnings in the wake of the destruction left by the tragic war that still plagues her native Bosnia Herzegovina.

The film spans issues such as social inequality, displacement, women’s issues, sexual harassment, poverty, education, relationships, capitalism, social justice & protests, work, religion, and more. 

The immigrant experience is something that interests me tremendously as a director/writer. As an immigrant myself I became aware of the fascinating space that exists in the intersection of two different cultures that cannot be found or duplicated anywhere else – a space rich with possibilities, poignant stories, and raw humanity ready to be observed.

In addition, as a woman filmmaker it was extremely important to center the film around a strong female character as it is in general to tell stories about women, by women and for women. One of the goals and inspirations for all my films is to move the dial in favor of women filmmakers and bring women’s stories to audiences everywhere.”

Tickets available September 1, 2018

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