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We are a group of volunteers working year-round to produce an annual film festival that brings stories of immigrants and refugees to Capital-area audiences.

Now in its eighth year, the Immigration Film Festival (IFF) began as an initiative  of the Washington Ethical Society, a nonprofit, humanistic religious congregation. IFF partners with several organizations across the DMV to screen films and support audiences in taking action. All donations are 100% tax free and dedicated exclusively to IFF.


Our goal is to tell the story of global immigration through the art form of film and to humanize the plight of immigrants and refugees by sharing their stories. In doing this, we seek not only to entertain but also to inform our audiences and, in partnership with organizations, provide the means by which our audiences can take action to correct the injustices that can force people to leave their homes and the dislocations that can result from migration.


November 13 – 15 – The Seventh Immigration Film Fest is held completely virtually! 11 films and 4 panels were screened over 3 days.
January 15, 2021 – Special screening of 6 “Student and New Immigrant Voices” films + panel conversation is held to celebrate their accomplishments


Immigration Film Fest – through the power of film – seeks to attract, inform and inspire adults and youth of Greater Washington to support immigrants and refugees.


The USA has a moral and ethical responsibility to treat immigrants and refugees fairly. As citizens of the world’s leading democracy, we must strive to build communities that serve all our people.


IFF showcases outstanding dramatic features and documentaries from around the world. By involving diverse audiences in post-film discussions and working with partner organizations, IFF works to plant the seed for action at the local, state, national and international levels.